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Since your workspace is like your second home, you also need to take care of its indoor air quality as much as, or even more than, your home.

Based on the report of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the level of indoor pollutants is about two to five times higher than outdoors, and commercial spaces can be as polluted or even more polluted than indoor residential spaces.

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Complementing our Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in Sacramento, we also provide services in the surrounding cities including Sacramento, Stockton, Stockton, Elk Grove, Roseville, Carmichael, Woodland, Lodi, Rancho Cordova, Davis, Folsom and Arden Arcade. We have a wide range of other testing services including Mold Testing, VOC Testing and Air Quality Testing After a Fire.

The extent of pollution in a commercial building depends on the proximity to major roads, the kind of work done in the building, or if there is any renovation work going on.

Investing in testing the indoor air quality of your commercial workspace is the first step to ensuring a healthy environment for your employees. As you should know, good air quality at the office increases productivity, workers’ well-being, and comfort.

We are always available in the California region for the fastest and most reliable indoor air quality, mold, and VOC testing for residential homes and commercial properties.

What's the process involved in commercial indoor air testing?

Indoor air quality testing is carried out by testing the percentage of contaminants in an indoor space. It involves collecting ambient air or residue samples in a building and analyzing them to determine how safe the building is.

If the percentage of contaminants is high, the indoor air quality is poor. Poor indoor air quality can affect a person’s health and a worker's general productivity level. So, if you spend hours in your office building or commercial space, it is necessary to test the indoor air quality of the workspace.

Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality means a high percentage of contaminants in the building. Several things can cause poor indoor air quality, and a few of these are:

Tobacco Smoking

Tobacco smoke is so strong that even after letting in fresh air, the smoke still penetrates into the curtains, carpets or soft furniture. If your building allows smoking, or you have someone that smokes habitually in your office, you should test your indoor air quality often.

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This is quite common in the industrial world. If you are remodeling, chemicals released from breaking down ceilings and walls can affect the air quality of the building. Bringing in new furniture and repainting can also contribute to poor indoor air quality, especially when the paints used are not VOC free. Therefore, you must test the air quality of your office building before moving in as a new occupant or after renovation. Also, note that you do not have to be the one remodeling; renovation going on in the same building can extend to your office space.

Occupants Activities

The nature of your work can also be a major factor that affects the air quality in your workspace. For example, nail or hair salons have a high degree of pollutants from some products used, such as manicure sets, hair products, and other chemicals. Other commercial spaces that use chemicals for their work will also have a high degree of pollutants in their workspace; it is then necessary to test your indoor air quality regularly to ensure you are working in a safe space.


Using detergents with strong chemicals to clean and maintain your office space affects indoor air quality. Non-residential buildings like churches and schools are also affected due to frequent maintenance. Regular testing of these spaces is necessary for the health of the occupants or regular visitors of these spaces.

Poor Ventilation

A poorly ventilated house can cause polluted air to keep circulating throughout the house. Dust can also build up in the house, causing health issues, especially for people with underlying health conditions or allergies.

Your work activities might be a major source of contaminants. For example, a nail salon will have a high degree of pollutants because of the nail polish and other chemicals used in the shop. These pollutants are not easy to eliminate because they embed in the furniture, rugs, and upholstery.

This also applies to other commercial spaces that use chemicals for their work. So, it is best to regularly test your indoor air quality to ensure a safe space.

Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Testing

Is it essential to stay in a space safe for you, which is why indoor air quality testing is not an option, but a necessity. When you test indoor air quality, you will know where you are and how you can improve your air quality. Some of the benefits of improved air quality include:

Increased Worker Efficiency

Workers can feel discomfort due to poor air quality in the working space, which slows their work and reduces productivity. And if it occurs very often, the worker's efficiency reduces.

Good air quality ensures workers are in good health and in the right state to make more efficient contributions to the business. Workers will be more productive and effective at work when they are comfortable.

Customers’ Comfort

The lingering odor from molds, combustion, pet dropping, and other indoor pollutants can make customers uncomfortable entering your space.

If they sense lingering offensive smells every time they come to your workspace, it can dissuade them from doing business with you. Also, poor room humidity causes discomfort for your workers and customers. 

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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Sacramento

Once air quality is tested and improved, everyone is comfortable because they will no longer suffer in the space without dry skin or throat.

Improved Health Conditions

Poor air quality causes short- and long-term health conditions that can start with a scratchy throat, nasal irritation, fatigue, headaches, etc. Some indoor pollutants also increase the risk of respiratory diseases or even heart problems.

After improving the air quality, the side effects will also disappear. Also, you will reduce or avoid the risk of long-term chronic illnesses caused by poor indoor air quality. Contaminated indoor air quality can also affect your customers in a commercial space. It’s beneficial to your customers too, when you test the indoor air quality.

Saves Energy

Poor ventilation can cause your heating and cooling system to overwork, which in turn uses more energy and increases your utility bills. When the indoor air quality is poor, it reduces your HVAC system's efficiency. The system will work twice as hard to achieve cross ventilation. If you notice your energy bill rising without a reasonable explanation, you should call for indoor air quality testing. That way, your business will be able to maximize profit by reducing heating and cooling costs.

Who Can Test for Indoor Air Quality?

Every indoor space should be tested regularly for indoor air quality. Examples of spaces that require air quality testing include:

* Home
* Business places (laundromat, hair salons, nail salons, dry laundry, etc.)
* Office buildings
* Restaurants and bars
* Public buildings, for example, churches, schools, etc.

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We are an indoor air quality testing company that tests for VOC and mold in homes and commercial properties. We test how pure your indoor air is and give non-biased and honest results because we are not affiliated with any mold remediation services. Our customer service is top-notch, and our inspectors are very professional. We offer a high level of expertise at competitive prices.