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Sometimes, you might experience discomfort and uneasiness after staying in your commercial buildings for a while. Or you might have received complaints from the occupants of your building.

This discomfort is likely to result from inhaling contaminated air over time. This is a major reason why you should always consider carrying out commercial indoor air quality testing.

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In addition to Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in the Anaheim / Santa Ana region, we also perform Indoor Air Quality Testing in the surrounding areas including Los Angeles, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Orange, Fullerton, Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo, Westminster and Newport Beach. A couple of the other testing services we preform include mold testing and VOC testing. You can also contact us with any residential indoor air quality testing.

What’s commercial indoor air quality testing about? It’s a test that shows how healthy or unhealthy the air in a commercial building is.

The air quality in a commercial building may be good or bad and the only way to know if there are any potential air pollutants in your building falls is to carry out a test.

There is no doubt, there’s many advantages attached to calling for an indoor test of the air quality of your commercial building. However, another hurdle to cross is finding a reputable company that offers commercial indoor air quality testing in your own local area.

Well, here’s the good news – you just found the best indoor air quality testing company in the Bay Area and SoCal region!

The Importance of Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing

Carrying out commercial indoor air quality testing is the first line of defense against several health diseases and infections. It is vital to breathe in good air because the oxygen reaches every organ in the body.

Breathing in bad air simply means taking in polluted air into your body systems. And the pollutants in the air can damage systems like the respiratory, circulatory, and even digestive systems.

Commercial indoor air quality testing is therefore important as it helps to detect contaminated air quickly in your workspace. Poor air quality not only wreaks havoc on health but also affects the productivity of workers staying in commercial buildings.

It may also affect the sales of any businesses in the building if customers or clients should find out that the air in the building is not suitable for their health.

Another importance is that commercial indoor air quality testing can help to save money.

In a scenario where the quality of air in a business is poor, and any of your staff gets sick, you may need to pay out some money for staff support. There is even the possibility of your employees or customers suing your business or getting involved in some kind of litigation for negligence. However, if the air quality in your commercial space is good, and you have undertaken a commercial indoor air quality test, such litigation would be highly unlikely.

Major Commercial Indoor Air Pollutants

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, volatile organic compounds, and excessive moisture are a couple of the primary indoor air contaminants. They cause buildings to become uncomfortable.

As a result, commercial buildings like churches, schools, office buildings, and buildings like nail salons, laundromats, and dry cleaners that use a lot of chemicals are more prone to bad quality air.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Anaheim
Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Santa Ana

Here are some contaminants that can affect indoor air quality in commercial buildings.


VOC is short for volatile organic compounds. They can be found in all three states of matter – solid, liquid, and gaseous.

However, they are volatile, or ‘unstable’ and easily evaporate into the atmosphere. Some are of these chemical components are hazardous on their own and some combine with other gases to form new air contaminants.

The most common VOC sources are paints, office equipment, smoke, disinfectants, and pesticides. Commercial buildings like nail salons and laundromats are susceptible to VOCs.

Once exposed to VOCs for a long time, you will experience symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and nose or eye irritation. Liver and kidney damage are some of the extreme consequences.

Excessive Moisture

Moisture is not technically a contaminant; however, it is one of the most dangerous causes of indoor pollution. Excess moisture aids the growth of molds and dust mites which can trigger allergies and asthma.

Why is Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing More Widespread Now?

We’ve already mentioned that commercial indoor air quality testing helps to know the quality of air in the indoor spaces of a commercial building.

Although commercial indoor air quality testing has been discussed in the past, the post-covid rules have now re-emphasized indoor air quality testing. This emphasis is based on the fact that COVID can be transmitted through the air.

It’s a subject that has been in the new media for the last several years now. This particular subject matter wasn’t nearly as widespread previous to covid because many people assumed that their indoor air was clean and would not harm their health.

Now, indoor air quality testing is increasingly becoming more prevalent. This is especially true in indoor spaces that have a lot of foot traffic and where activities are carried out that may impair the quality of the air.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Carrying out commercial indoor air testing is one thing you may question. It automatically leads onto the next question, which is knowing how you can improve the air quality in your commercial building. Below are some tips which can help you maintain the quality of air in your commercial building.

Increase the Current Ventilation

Open all windows to allow fresh air to enter the building. This facilitates better ventilation and reduces air pollution.

It would be best to remove any equipment or furniture that may have obstructed the vents to optimize ventilation. Also, use fans and HVAC systems if opening windows or doors is insufficient.

A sound HVAC system will also aid in capturing dust and allergies. In addition, this will help remove tiny air particles, assuming you have installed (or replaced) effective air filters into your HVAC system.

Practice Good Environmental Hygiene

Keeping your commercial building and its environs clean is one of the best ways to maintain good air quality. You may take steps to remove dust since clean air is vital for your employees’ well-being. You should routinely dust, sterilize, vacuum, and organize clutter if you want to remain spotless in your home and office. Maintaining clean indoor air requires consistent ongoing cleaning. You can also reduce the usage of harmful chemicals in your commercial buildings.

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