Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Bakersfield

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in Fresno and Bakersfield

Of course, it’s important to monitor the quality of the indoor air in your home, but it’s equally important to test the air quality of commercial and industrial buildings as well. Many commercial buildings may have higher levels of contamination due to the nature of the work that’s being done in the space.

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Complementing our Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in Fresno / Bakersfield, we also cover the surrounding cities, including Clovis, Visalia, Reedley, Sanger, Selma, Hanford, Merced, Turlock, Delano, Wasco, Atwater, and Modesto. We have a wide range of other testing services in the region including
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What kinds of Commercial Businesses Should be Testing for Indoor Air Quality?

Every industrial, commercial or business-related indoor space should be tested frequently for indoor air quality. Here are some of the types of workspaces that need indoor air quality testing:

* Office buildings, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.
* Hospitality Buildings like hotels, restaurants, bars, holiday resorts, casinos, bed and breakfasts, Airbnb’s and holiday resorts
* Public buildings, for example, churches, schools, nursing homes, funeral homes, libraries, museums and hospitals.
* Retail businesses such as shops, outlet malls and distribution centers.
* Government buildings like, police stations, fire stations, post offices, city halls, consulates and court houses.
* Transport related building – bus stations, airports, shipyards, taxi businesses, railroad stations, parking garages and metro / subways.
* Education related – schools, universities, nursery schools and colleges.

With Frequent Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing You Will See Improved Health Conditions

No matter what kind of work-related space you are in, poor air quality can cause short- or long-term health conditions. The symptoms may be relatively mild such as an irritated throat, nasal congestion, fatigue and headaches. However, over time these kinds of symptoms can get worse as many indoor contaminants also increase the risk of respiratory diseases or even heart problems.

After getting air quality results after testing, you can work on improving the air quality so that the negative health effects should begin to disappear. Also, you’ll diminish or avoid the risk of long-term chronic illnesses caused by poor indoor air quality. Polluted indoor air quality can cause distress to your clients or customers in a commercial space. As a result, it’s in the interests of your clients and customers when you test the quality of your indoor air.

Improved Air quality Leads to More Energy Savings

According to reports from the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the level of indoor pollutants is about two to five times higher than outdoors, and it’s not unusual that commercial spaces can be even more contaminated than domestic spaces.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Fresno

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Bakersfield

Inadequate or poorly functioning ventilation systems can cause your heating and air conditioning to work much less efficiently. This uses more energy and thereby increases your utility costs. Poor indoor air quality reduces your HVAC system's effectiveness. The blowers will need to work much harder to achieve the kind of cross ventilation that is required with an efficient HVAC system. If you see the charges of your energy bills are increasing and you can’t find any practical reason, you might consider calling for an indoor air quality testing specialist. By getting an accurate explanation of the cause of your poor air quality, you’ll be able to take steps to remediate the situation. This short-term fix can lead to significant energy saving in the long-term.

The degree of pollution in a commercial building depends on how close it is to any external sources of environmental pollution, the type of work done or the kind of products that are manufactured in the building, or if there is any recent remodeling work going on.

By undertaking indoor air quality testing of your commercial workspace is the first step you should consider to making sure you’re providing a healthy atmosphere for your employees. A clear environment with fresh, well-ventilated air at your place of business increases efficiency, and workers’ welfare.

We are always available in the California region for the most convenient and dependable indoor air quality, mold, and VOC testing for domestic homes and commercial properties.

The most efficient ways to get better indoor air quality is to remove external sources of contamination or to decrease the emissions from outside sources. For example, if use a gas stove in your kitchen, it can be adjusted to reduce the volume of emissions. In some ways, controlling the source is an easier method to better indoor air quality than investing a lot of money into a new ventilation system. Buying and installing an improved HVAC will typically get great results, but the increase expenditure and the additional ongoing energy fees may be cost prohibitive.

How to Define Indoor Air Quality Issues

Some of the common symptoms that people experience in commercial spaces are respiratory irritation, sore or watering eyes, headaches, nausea, a reduction in concentration, lethargy, irritation of nose and mouth. If a significant number of people within the building are getting similar symptoms, it’s often referred to as ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. A sign that this is the case is when the person gets these symptoms after they enter the building, but the symptoms vanish after they leave. Typically, it’s difficult to identify the exact cause of Sick Building Syndrome and you’ll usually have to engage an expert in indoor air quality work out what’s happening. The symptoms may be due to VOCs (volatile organic compounds), chemical particles or simply lack of ventilation in the building.

If you are having any problems like this, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to send out one of specialists to undertake a commercial indoor air quality test to determine the cause and to recommend potential solutions.

What Process is Used in Commercial Indoor Air Testing?

Indoor air quality testing is done by measuring the percentage of impurities in an indoor area. It involves collecting air samples or samples of residue in a building and evaluating the results in our accredited and certified labs. As soon as we receive the detailed breakdown of the results, we will be able to advise you on our recommendations on how you should proceed. Clearly if the proportion of the chemical impurities are high, we’ll give you an independent recommendation on the kind of remediation that will be required.

The Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Testing

It’s crucial that you and your employees work in a space that’s safe for everyone. Once the testing has been completed, you will know the situation and how you can improve your air quality. Here are some of the many benefits of improved indoor air quality.

Increased Worker Productivity and Customer Comfort

Your workforce will not be working to their full potential if their productivity has been reduced by a poor work environment caused by contaminated air. If your customers detect any offensive smells when they enter your workspace, it’s doubtful they will return to buys your goods or use any of the services you offer. Keep in mind, any persistent odor from mold or rodent dropping, or other indoor toxins will make your clients uncomfortable and unlikely to return.

Some of the Main Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your business is undergoing a renovation or remodeling, there’s a good chance that there will be a reduction of the air quality. Chemicals released from opening drywall can affect the air of the building. Even painting the walls can cause poor indoor air quality, as many paints release VOC’s.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Fresno

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Bakersfield

General Maintenance Activities

Using deep cleansers with chemical compounds to clean your office building affects indoor air quality. Domestic buildings like hospitals, churches, restaurants, schools, care homes and nursery schools are also affected due to frequent maintenance.

Poor Ventilation is a Common Cause of Low Air Quality

A poorly ventilated building of any kind can cause contaminated air circulating throughout the space. It’s a large investment to install a new HVAC system but it’s one of the most common ways to effectively improve the air quality. If you have people in the building who are prone to chronic health issues, especially for those with any kind of respiratory disease, a new ventilation system may be the best bet.

We test indoor air quality, VOC and mold in domestic and commercial buildings. Contact us to set up an appointment at your convenience and will provide you with a solution that will be customized to your exact needs.

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