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Indoor air quality testing is as essential in your workspace as in your home. An average Oakland resident spends many hours per day in commercial spaces. Just because they are commercial spaces does not mean they are not as contaminated as indoor home spaces. The degree of pollution also depends on the work done in the office, closeness to roads, and renovations or other factors that impact air quality.

Commercial indoor air quality testing involves testing for the percentage of contaminants in your commercial indoor space. If the percentage of contaminants is high, it means the indoor air quality is poor. If any occupants of your workplace are experiencing various kinds of medical complaints, especially any kind of chronic respiratory disease, you should consider doing an indoor air quality test.

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Nobody likes to fall sick, especially in a commercial environment. For instance, if either you or your employees fall sick often and have to be absent from work almost every time, there will be a shortage of manpower which will consequently affect the business' revenue.

If good, clear indoor air quality in your office building, store or other commercial space will positively affect the occupants, then it's appropriate that you don't underestimate regular inspection of the indoor environment.

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Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Buildings

Poor indoor air quality means a high percentage of contaminants in the building. These are some causes or sources of potential contaminants.

1. Occupant’s Activities

Your work activities might be a major source of contaminants. For example, a nail salon will have a high degree of pollutants because of the nail polish, manicure set, and other kinds of chemicals used in the shop. These pollutants are not easy to get rid of because they stay stuck in the furniture, rugs, and upholstery.

This also applies to other commercial spaces that use other chemicals for their work. So, it is best to regularly test your indoor air quality to ensure the space is safe.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Hayward

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Oakland

2. Renovation

Renovation is quite common in the industrial world, especially when going into a new space. Breaking down the walls and ceilings causes the release of chemicals. The same as remodeling, repainting and bringing in new furniture. If the indoor air quality is not tested before the new occupant comes in, it may affect the new occupants. If you are just moving into an office space or you recently renovated your own office space, you should test the indoor air quality.

3. Smoking

If your commercial building allows tobacco smoking, it can easily get contaminated. Tobacco smoke does not leave the room even after letting in air. The smoke sticks to the furniture and objects around. So, if someone has the habit of smoking in your office “smoking room” you should consider testing your indoor air quality.

4. Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the office can also add pollutants to the office space. So, school and church buildings can also have poor indoor air quality due to frequent maintenance. The pollutant is often caused by using detergents that contain strong chemicals for cleaning. Even after drying, the contaminants remain in the lockers, walls, and objects. Considering the occupants of these spaces, it is best to regularly test the indoor air quality. 

Benefits of Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing

When you test for indoor air quality, you will know when and how to improve your indoor air quality. Here are the benefits of improved air quality.

1. Improved Health Conditions

An effect of poor indoor air quality is that it causes both short and long-term health conditions for occupants of the space. If you continuously feel nauseous, have headaches, allergies triggers, coughing and sneezing, dizziness, and shortness of breath in that space, you should test the indoor air quality.

After improving the air quality, the side effects will also disappear. Also, you will not be at risk of long-term illnesses due to poor indoor air quality. Air quality can also affect your customers in a commercial space. So, it is beneficial to your customers too, when you test the indoor air quality.

2. Increased Worker Efficiency

The discomfort workers feel due to poor indoor air quality can slow down their work, thereby reducing their efficiency. And if it becomes a daily occurrence, the workers will always feel listless when at work.

Clean air quality ensures they are in good health and in the right state to work. When they feel comfortable, they will be more effective at their work.

3. Customers’ Well-being

Poor indoor air quality enables unpleasant odors to remain in the air. The smell can be from combustion, pet droppings, mold, and other indoor pollutants. When customers come in, the lingering unpleasant smell can make them uncomfortable. 

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Oakland

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Castro Valley

If they notice the unpleasant odor lingers every time they come to your space, it can deter them from doing business with you. Also, the poor indoor air quality deregulates the room's humidity, which can cause the throat to feel itchy and the skin to feel dry. All these effects will cause discomfort for the workers and customers alike.

Once improved, the air humidity will be regulated, and everyone will feel comfortable because then they can stay in the space without having dry skin or other associated discomfort.

4. Saves Energy

Poor indoor air quality can cause an increase in energy bills. If you notice your energy bill rising without a reasonable explanation, you should call for indoor air quality testing. When the air quality is poor, it will reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system. The system will work much harder to achieve cross ventilation across the room, leading to an increase in the energy bill.

A rise in the energy bills cost is not good as the businesses can no longer maximize their profit. All these will be cleared after indoor air quality testing.

Testing for Indoor Air Quality

Every enclosed space should be regularly tested for indoor air quality - here are some examples.

* Home
* Office buildings
* Public buildings, for example, churches, schools, etc.
* Business places (nail salons, laundromats, dry laundry, hair salons, etc.)
* Restaurants and bars, etc.

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