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Every business owner wants their workspaces to be comfortable, relaxed and conducive for both their clients and employees. Hence, they spend on renovations and interior decor.

Some commercial building owners even go as far as creating smoking rooms for customers’ and employees’ use. Unless the smoking room is completely outside, it may be detrimental to the health of all the occupants.

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In addition to Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in the Hollywood district, we also offer testing services in the surrounding cities such as Beverly Hills, Bel Air, West Hollywood, Culver City, Huntington Park, Burbank, City of Industry, Lennox, Westmont, La Canada Flintridge and Moreno Valley. We also provide several other air testing services like Mold Test and VOC Testing.

Many people don’t realize that renovation works, interior remodeling, and other office building improvement activities affect indoor air quality. Also, the use of chemicals, and overcrowding can impair the quality of the air in a commercial space.

When the occupants of the building take in such polluted air, their immune system suffers can be compromised making them more vulnerable to various ailments. The result can even be more acute when there’s already an underlying health issue like asthma.

The health of both clients and your own personnel is definitely not a matter to be treated casually. Hence, you need to take commercial indoor air quality testing seriously.

Causes Of Poor Indoor Air Quality Testing

Poor indoor air quality indicates a high percentage of contaminants in the building. These are some causes of pollutants.

  1. Renovations

As we mentioned earlier, renovations have a great impact on indoor air quality. Breaking down walls, for instance, during renovation can release some harmful substances into the atmosphere.

The same can be said for painting, remodeling, and bringing in new furniture. If the indoor air quality is not tested before the workers move back in, there will be no way to tell if the air has been compromised during the work.

  1. Frequent Tobacco Smoking

If your commercial building allows tobacco smoking, it can easily get contaminated. Tobacco smoke doesn’t leave the room even if you attempt to circulate in fresh air. The smoke sticks around on the furniture surfaces. If someone has an addiction to smoking in your office space, you should consider indoor air quality testing.

  1. Occupants’ Activities

Your work activities might be a primary source of contamination. For example, printing jobs have a high degree of pollutants from the inks used in printing. And these pollutants are not easy to get rid of because they get stuck on furniture and upholstery. This also applies to commercial spaces that use chemicals for their work.

It is best to test indoor air quality regularly to ensure a safe space for all occupants.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing La Canada Flintridge
Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing City of Industry

Importance Of Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality testing helps spot existing and potential environmental threats. It has a lot of benefits, some of which are the following.

  1. Health Risk Reduction

Poor air quality stirs up allergies and can cause several ailments. So, testing your indoor air quality gives clarity and helps to eliminate exposure to poor indoor air quality.

Many times, the symptoms of illnesses caused by poor indoor air quality are common, so it is easy to confuse it and consider it as normal.

Regularly testing your indoor air helps you ensure you have improved air quality over time, so avoiding putting yourself and your customers at risk of side effects due to contaminated air.

  1. Clients’ Impression

Besides the catchy interior decoration, clear indoor air gives a good impression on the client. It is also a way to communicate with them that you not only care about getting their business but also want to look out for their welfare.

Imagine a client, who is an asthmatic, visits your workplace and suddenly begins to gasp for air due to poor air quality – that would give a bad impression on your business. Even if you offer the best service possible, such a client won’t dare to do business with you anymore.

  1. Reduce Energy Costs

Poor indoor air quality can cause an increase in energy bills. If at any point you notice an increase in your energy bill without a reasonable explanation, you should call for an indoor air quality test.

When the indoor air quality is not good, it will lessen the efficiency of the HVAC system. This especially the case if the air filters have not been recently replaced. The system will function twice as hard to get ventilation across the entire commercial space. This will lead to an increase in energy bills which will in turn cause more expenses and hinder the company from maximizing profit.

4 Increased Comfort

Apart from making occupants fall sick, poor indoor air can cause unpleasant odors to linger in a commercial place which can make clients and employees uncomfortable. Ultimately this may also prevent clients from doing business with you in the future.

Additionally, poor indoor air quality makes the air dense which can cause the throat to feel itchy and the skin to feel dry. This condition can bring about so much discomfort for both clients and employees.

The first step in restoring comfort in your commercial space is testing the air. Professional air quality testing reveals the amount and type of pollutants in your air and additionally gives you an indication of the cause of these contaminants. When you can identify the cause of the poor indoor air quality, it becomes easier to take both curative and precautionary measures in ensuring a comfortable working environment going forward.

How to Know a Reliable Indoor Air Quality Testing Professional

Since you now know that you need to contact an indoor air quality professional, these two factors are at the top of the list of the things you must consider:

  • Credibility: You can confirm a company’s credibility by checking its website. Things to look for on their website are their professional certifications, customers’ reviews and ratings.
  • Insurance and policies – a reliable company should have satisfactory liability insurance policies.
Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Beverly Hills
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Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, every enclosed commercial space should be regularly tested for Indoor air quality. Good hygiene should be practiced in an ongoing manner to help maintain good health.

We are a reliable commercial indoor air quality testing company, and we have all the essential experience and knowledge to test your indoor air quality. We also work exclusively with the best labs in the country so you can be assured your results will be completely accurate. Since we are not affiliated with any remediation company, you can be sure we will give honest reports. If you use a remediation company to test air quality, their motive may be in getting more work rather than in providing you with honest and reliable test results.

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