Indoor Air Quality Testing in Huntington Beach CA

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Huntington Beach CA

Indoor Air Quality is about the quality of the air inside or near homes, businesses, and other buildings such as schools and hospitals. Indoor Air Quality can have significant effects on the health of individuals and especially those who are susceptible to respiratory disease or who have disabilities due to age or other health factors. In the business world IAQ has been associated with ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ which is due to poor air quality at work. Typically, business owners have the responsibility to make sure that the air quality in their work place is healthy for their employees.

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The standard of the Indoor Air Quality inside any given building is affected by a number of different factors including microbial contaminants like mold, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and many other particles. In larger commercial buildings effective ventilation and the use of air filters are the most common ways to keep the air quality at safe levels. Homeowners can also use similar methods of course, as well as keeping the home as clean as possible. 

Indoor Air Quality Testing in the Huntington Beach Region

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Huntington Beach CA

Some of the principal common pollutants contributing to poor Indoor Air Quality include second-hand smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), molds and other allergens.

Molds and other allergens are another common issue when dealing with problems related to Indoor Air Quality.

These biological chemicals are triggered by two major causes:

1 - moisture induced growth of mold colonies
2 – organic substances released into the air such as animal dander and plant pollen 

Indoor Air Quality in Huntington Beach CA

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are released as gases from certain common surfaces that can be either solids or liquids. They include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have negative health effects. It’s not unusual for the concentrations of VOCs to be higher indoors than outdoors.

Indoor Air Quality Testing San Bernardino

Indoor Air Quality Testing San Bernardino

In either commercial or domestic situations if you have any doubt about the air quality of your building, you should immediately hire a qualified and certified Indoor Air Quality testing specialist. It’s always advisable to choose a professional who is independent and who has no connection with other companies who undertake mold or indoor air quality remediation. An independent Indoor Air Quality testing expert will have no ‘agenda’ beyond simply providing you with completely accurate results. It’s important to check with them that they don’t have any connection with mold remediation companies who would benefit from inaccurate results that indicate expensive mold remediation. 

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