Indoor Air Quality Testing In the San Diego Region

Indoor Air Quality in San Diego

​Indoor Air Quality can be considered the quality of the air inside or near homes, businesses, and other buildings such as schools and hospitals. Indoor Air Quality can have dramatic effects on the general health of individuals and especially those who are vulnerable to respiratory disease or who have disabilities due to age or other […]

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This Is What Happens When You Fail to Do Proper Indoor Air Quality Testing

Every day, we spend most of our waking hours indoors be it at home, the school, or workplace. Indoor air quality is often affected by the air quality in the surrounding areas.  Many things can contaminate indoor air quality including pollen, tobacco smoke, household products, and building materials. Any one of these contaminants may pose […]

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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing

The importance of having good indoor air cannot be overstated. Indoor air quality is a term that defines how healthy the air within a facility or structure. With the right technology and the appropriate experience applied to commercial testing, indoor air quality can be controlled. Most people today work in some sort of indoor facility; […]

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