Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing

The importance of having good indoor air cannot be overstated. Indoor air quality is a term that defines how healthy the air within a facility or structure. With the right technology and the appropriate experience applied to commercial testing, indoor air quality can be controlled.

Most people today work in some sort of indoor facility; between schools, offices, factories, and other commercial workplaces. With indoor facilities being the most common work destination for most people, it only makes sense to keep the indoor air quality of your facility at its purest.

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Between private and commercial facilities, carrying out Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in the latter is more crucial. With a ton of activities taking place in the commercial facilities, it is really no debate between the home and commercial facilities which one requires dire attention from a commercial indoor air quality testing service.

Factories, warehouses, large offices, etc. are all mainstays in commercial facilities. It is just about impossible to have indoor air quality to a hundred percent (100%) efficiency, but in a very densely contaminated facility indoor air can be very poor for the health of the people in the facility. With the health of the customers and employees who walk the facilities in view, air quality testing on a commercial scale is a necessity. The first step towards improving the air quality in any facility at all (commercial or private), is to run an indoor air quality test first to determine contaminated objects and areas, find molds, volatile organic compounds, etc.

You’ll cut a lot of cost attempting to do your own indoor testing and cleaning, but without the right knowledge and apparatus all you can get are results that may be inaccurate or impossible to interpret.  With the health of your employees or family at stake, your absolutely need to hire a professional commercial indoor air quality testing company.

We render basic commercial indoor air quality and mold testing services. Our commercial services include: Commercial Testing and Inspections, Home Testing and Inspections, VOC Testing, Meth Lab Testing, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Formaldehyde Testing and Dust & Particle Testing.

We keep an arsenal of world class apparatus for our work including the FLIR Thermal Imaging camera. It is one of the most useful tools in the industry to help in the detection of possible mold issues. The FLIR thermal imaging camera can help identify moisture (through heat maps) which might be causing mold, so that you can remediate the air quality if necessary.

We have the backing of a ton of rave reviews and a well-trained team of experts to call upon. So, when next you feel the air in your private or commercial facility become suspicious, know that we are anxious to help you out.