The Importance of Residential Indoor Air Quality Testing in Los Angeles, CA

From mold to pollen to tobacco and smoke, there are a number of invisible airborne contaminates that can have negative health impacts on individuals within a Los Angeles home. When dangerous contaminates lurk in your house, Residential Indoor Air Quality Testing is an important safeguard to protect residents from the hazards they pose. Your home should be a place of refuge, so what should you do when you suspect your home contains hazardous substances that are hurting you and your family?

What is Home Air Quality Testing?

Residential indoor air quality testing, is the process in which the air in a home is tested for particulates, contaminates, and various airborne substances that can impact health and safety. Oftentimes, air quality testing isn’t done on a recurring basis but instead performed when homeowners suspect something is present in the home. For example, homeowners who detect a musty odor may have their home tested for mold so household members don’t become sick.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Los Angeles – Commercial & Residential

Common Air Pollutants Found in the Home

Most airborne pollutants fall within three main categories:

  • – Biological Pollutants: contaminates include dust mites, pollen, and mold.
  • – Chemical Pollutants: contaminates include VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and formaldehyde.
  • – Combustion Pollutants: contaminates include wildfire smoke and tobacco smoke.

These pollutants can have serious negative impacts of health and should be remediated if they are found in significant quantities within the home.

Why Do You Need an Indoor Air Quality Inspection?

Indoor air quality testing for residential buildings is beneficial to homeowners because there are many substances that can negatively affect the health of household members, especially children, elders, and household members with compromised immune systems. However, depending on which pollutant is present, there may be a risk to all members of the household.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Los Angeles

When mold is present in a home, it can cause respiratory distress, allergies, sinus infections, and other general illnesses that especially affect members of the household with asthma or weak immune systems. Dust mites and pollen can also trigger allergies and other respiratory issues in people who are sensitive to them.

Many of these contaminates can cause increasing damage to the body the longer they’re untreated, so if the presence of a pollutant is detected, it’s important to get air quality testing done quickly before any members of the household suffer permanent injury. Reach out to a Los Angeles indoor air quality testing specialist if you suspect your home may be at risk for air pollution.