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For most people it’s easy to assume that the air quality in their surroundings is excellent because you don't have any environmental discomfort while you are outdoors. Of course, those who have asthma or are prone any other respiratory diseases may well experience some symptoms while outside. However most folk don’t realize that indoor air quality is far worse than the outside air.

VOCs, which are among the main components of some items used in many workplaces, for example, beauty salons, laundromats or dry cleaners, add to indoor air pollution.

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As well as Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in the San Mateo region, we also offer testing services in the nearby cities of Redwood City, San Bruno, Daly City, South San Francisco, Menlo Park, Foster City, Pacifica, San Carlos and Atherton. A few of the other testing services we preform are mold testing, VOC testing and even air scrubber rentals.

The only way to determine if the indoor air quality in your commercial property has deteriorated to a dangerous level is by having it checked, preferably by a professional commercial indoor air quality testing service.

This article will discuss the importance of indoor air quality in business facilities, factors that affect the quality of indoor air in commercial environments, and how to perform air quality tests in commercial buildings.

What Does Commercial Indoor Air Quality Mean?

Commercial indoor air quality essentially refers to the state of the air in any commercial facility, such as business premises, financial institutions like banks, corporate offices, churches, and schools to name but a few.

The Implications of Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Our wellness, safety, and productivity are directly impacted by the air we inhale, whether at our workplace, indoor public gatherings, church, office, or school. To stop the transmission of diseases and their causative agents, the air in commercial premises has to be free of environmental pollutants.

What Affects Commercial Indoor Air Quality in San Mateo?

How those using local open areas live and treat the environment impacts the integrity of the indoor air there. The following are some factors that may have an impact on the indoor air quality in public areas:


Mold can quickly spread and has a substantial negative impact on the quality of indoor air. Under the proper circumstances, mold can grow and disperse by sending spores into the surroundings. This is especially true in areas of a building where there are water leaks or other forms of dampness.

Workplace Supplies

The majority of office printers' inks and ink cartridges also release VOCs that are bad for the office's indoor air quality.


People use antiseptics and sanitizers to disinfect the surface of the items in their various offices. However, chemical ingredients, which are a major component of some of these chemicals, emit an unpleasant odor when in use.

How To Examine Indoor Air Quality in A Commercial Environment

Some people use the perception of smell in the air they breathe to try and detect the indoor air quality in public areas. That’s not going to be a good way to get a detailed breakdown of the air’s chemical composition! Intentionally inhaling indoor air will not reveal the presence of volatile organic compounds or mold in the surroundings.

A more reliable method of inspecting the indoor air quality in a public area is to hire an experienced indoor air quality testing firm. To assess the level of indoor air contamination in any industrial premises, we employ specialized industrial indoor air testing procedures.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Pacifica

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Pacifica

When to Conduct Commercial Air Quality or Mold Testing

* If mold is dispersing visibly in public places like schools, churches, beauty salons, etc.
* When the number of people sensitive to eye or throat irritation is on the rise in public property.
* When the indoor environment of a commercial building has a mold smell.
* When the interior air of a commercial building gets humid.

How We Conduct Commercial Air Quality and Mold Testing

IAQ Testing for Office Spaces

When you contact us to assess the indoor air quality in an office space, we check the surfaces inside the office to see whether we can locate any mold. To locate the mold and identify any strong odors, we also look beyond the office surfaces and equipment. Keep in mind, there may be mold growing behind the drywall or under the floorboard’s or in the loft space. Despite there being no visible mold, there may be a lot of it growing out of sight. That’s why you should consider getting a professional mold test to find out if the air is clean or not.

IAQ Testing for School Facilities

When you get in touch with us for mold testing in a school facility, we will conduct rigorous tests to identify if there is any kind of mold present. To ascertain the cause of the mold's growth, we will also examine the surroundings.

Indoor Air Quality Testing for Church Buildings

When you contact us to check the indoor air quality in a church facility, we will get air samples for testing and show you the results. After having received this information, we’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action.

We also look for signs of mold on things like chairs and pews inside the church. We will conduct a comprehensive inspection to determine the cause of the mold if any is present.
As we are an independent air quality testing service, we’ll give you honest feedback. If the air is clear, we will let you know there is no need of any remediation! Since we never undertake any remediation work ourselves, we have no incentive to ‘exaggerate’ any issues you might have, so that we can justify more work.

Indoor Air Quality Testing for Nail Shops

When you reach out to us for indoor air quality testing for your nail shop, we will collect air samples from the salon and analyze them to see if we can detect strong smelling odors in the air. We will provide a recommendation based on the outcome of our detailed certified lab tests as soon as the results are retuned from the labs.

IAQ Testing for Laundromats

Since laundromats are often accessible to the general public, it is not usual for the indoor environments air quality to deteriorate as a result of the application of laundry chemicals and detergents. Also because of the humid air in a laundromat, it’s common for molds to multiply and flourish.

When you contact us to check for mold in your laundromat, we will inspect everywhere thoroughly. To assess the quality of the air inside your laundry shop, we will collect air samples for analysis.

Reasons To Contact Us for Your Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring us for your mold and indoor air quality testing:

We Are Available 7.30 am to 7.00 pm seven days per week.

We are always ready for your call during those hours, and we’ll set up an appointment to come to you place of business at a time that’s convenient to you.

We Are Knowledgeable About Many Types of Indoor Air Quality Testing

We have years of experience offering specialized mold and indoor air quality testing services. If the testing has to do with commercial mold and air quality testing, we can deliver.

We Deliver at The Right Time

Once we finish our analysis, we will deliver our test results and suggest the next action you should take, depending on the test outcome.

Do not make assumptions when thinking about the air quality in your commercial property. We are one of the highest rated businesses that checks for mold and tests the indoor air quality in public spaces.

If you think your commercial property may affected by mold or air that smells bad, contact us to carry out any kind of test that you might need. We’ll explain the results of our testing, which will allow you to take action immediately if you need to undertake any remediation work.