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Do you notice recurring illness or disquiet in any your staff of your commercial buildings? These symptoms may be an effect of poor air quality in your commercial property, and you shouldn't be unaware or lackadaisical about it.

Frequent complaints by occupants can be a significant sign of poor air quality in your building, which is harmful and toxic to the health of the occupants. Hence, the need for indoor air quality testing, which helps to examine the degree of harmful pollutants present in the indoor air of your commercial property. You can't see these contaminants with the naked eye, but they can certainly harm the well-being and productivity of the occupants.

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In addition to Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in the Vallejo and Novato region, we also offer our air testing services in the cities close by. This includes the cities of Santa Rosa, Fairfield, Vacaville, Napa, Petaluma, San Rafael, Rohnert Park, Mill Valley, Benicia, Mill Valley and American Canyon. We also offer other air testing services like mold testing, VOC testing and marijuana residue testing.

The most effective way to conduct indoor air quality testing for your commercial building is to call on a professional in this field.

Some business owners try to avoid spending on commercial indoor air testing and end up incurring losses to their business due to poor indoor air quality. How is this even possible? You'll know more by following the rest of this post.

This article explains in more detail all you need to know about indoor air quality, the sources, the effects on health and symptoms, and the essence of indoor air quality testing for your commercial building. Let's dive in.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of air determined by the temperature, humidity, and air pollutant condition within a building, whether residential or commercial buildings. Our focus will be more on commercial buildings, which include halls, church buildings, hospitals, schools, supermarket buildings and offices, as well as many others.

The worldwide Covid 19 pandemic wave increased and brought more sensitivity to the importance of conducting indoor air quality testing for commercial buildings.

You may think that your employees' performance at work can only be improved by factors like paying a higher wage, giving incentives or bonuses or granting promotions.

However, while all these factors listed are great, doing your best to ensure you have good indoor air quality is also a surefire action to enhance your employee’s well-being and productivity in your commercial building.

No worker can function successfully and efficiently in an office where there is poor air quality. This often leads to increased absenteeism of workers, which may be due to a phenomenon known as sick building syndrome caused by poor air quality in an office environment.

To ensure steady productivity from your employees, you should confirm the proper indoor air quality in your commercial building.

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Sources of Diminished Indoor Air Quality

The poor state of air quality in a commercial building is often caused by products or materials used and brought into the office building. Various sources lead to poor indoor air quality. They include:

* Dust particles in office furniture and carpets.
* Unpleasant odors that water damage or sewer gas problems can cause.
* Construction materials include paints, solvents, cosmetics preservation, carpeting, asbestos, pest control sprays, glues, pressed wood products.
* Fossil fuels burned from kerosene lamps and gas heaters that emit Carbon monoxide.
* Perfumes, polish, photocopier toner, and cleaning products also emit chemicals that affect the indoor air quality in a building.
* Smoke from cigarettes, candles or fireplaces release nitrogen dioxide, which is harmful to the health.
* Excess moisture releases biological contaminants that affect indoor air quality.

Poor indoor air quality can be caused by improper management of humidity levels, lack of sufficient airflow caused by an imbalanced HVAC system and overcrowding in an office building which leads to poor ventilation.

Reasons to Conduct Indoor Air Quality Testing for Your Commercial Property

Indoor Air Quality testing for your office building is essential because it directly affects the well-being of your employees and the overall work productivity of your organization.

Compounds like VOCs, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide released by various office products affect the air quality within the office. The presence of these contaminants is a significant reason why having indoor air quality testing is very important for all commercial buildings.

Ensuring a safe work environment is a crucial role or function every business owner must have for their employees. One significant way to achieve this is to safeguard employees' exposure to bad indoor air quality by conducting professional indoor air quality testing for the office building.

Especially for businesses or industries such as laundromats, cleaning agencies that use chemicals containing VOCs or other contaminants must have regular indoor air quality testing for their office building. They should also ensure their employees are well informed and educated on the use and disposal of products or materials containing air pollutants.

Here are a few examples symptoms you can take note of in your office building that are signs of poor indoor air quality.

* Nausea
* Fatigue
* Hypersensitive and allergies
* Breathing discomfort
* Amplified risk for depression and anxiety
* Frequent headaches
* Central nervous system damage
* Dryness and irritation of the nose, eye, throat, and skin.

Note that these symptoms are not peculiar to only poor indoor air quality. So, feeling any of these symptoms doesn't necessarily mean that your office air quality is bad. Once again, this points to the importance of indoor air quality testing.

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We carry out accurate indoor air quality testing and communicate the results of the tests to all our customers. We only use lads that are highly credentialed in testing for a wide variety of contaminants.


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