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Do your staff or employees suffer any discomfort or respiratory symptoms in your commercial building? Or have you received complaints from clients or customers coming into your workspace, and are not sure of the cause? These signs could result from impaired air quality in your commercial building.

The indoor air quality you are exposed to in your commercial building greatly impacts your health and well-being and every other occupant. Experiencing discomfort in your commercial building is a symptom of poor indoor air quality.

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The safest and guaranteed way to be sure of the indoor air quality of your commercial property in a city like Los Angeles, is to engage the service of a professional indoor air quality testing company to perform air quality testing for your building.

Breathing in harmful air over a long period is detrimental to people's health. Hence, business owners and managers of commercial buildings such as offices, schools, church buildings, halls, and supermarkets must be concerned about the air the occupants are exposed to.

This article will explain indoor air quality (IAQ), its sources, symptoms, and effect on health, and why you should consider conducting professional indoor air quality testing.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the quality of air around and within a building, especially concerning the comfort and health of the people occupying commercial buildings.

Before the covid-19 pandemic, it was important for buildings to test indoor air quality to protect and maintain the health of the occupants. However, covid-19 brought more sensitivity in this regard, especially for business owners to ensure good indoor air quality in their buildings.

Exposure to poor indoor air harms people's health and can lead to potential chronic health conditions. The presence of compromised indoor air quality in commercial buildings can be a symptom of sick building syndrome, which can negatively impact the morale of the company. This can adversely affect productivity and lead to increased absenteeism among employees.

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Here are common air contaminants and their sources:

* Formaldehyde from various building materials such as paints, glues, cosmetics, insulation materials, wood products, etc.
* Nitrogen dioxide is emitted from smoke, burning fuels from trucks, cars, and power plants.
* Biological pollutants are emitted from areas with excess moisture or food.

Why conduct indoor air quality testing for your commercial building?

Not paying attention to the indoor air quality in your commercial building poses significant harm to the wellness of every occupant, and long exposures can lead to adverse health conditions.

One of the main reasons why conducting indoor air quality testing is essential for all commercial properties is because sources that cause or lead to poor indoor air quality are everywhere. The quality of the air we inhale may be impaired at any time, and we won't be aware of it.

Most of the products and materials used in buildings cause harm to the air quality. Materials such as paints, office products, manufactured wood products, carpeting, etc. Businesses like dry cleaners, nail salons, and laundromats that use lots of chemicals must ensure they conduct indoor air quality testing and educate employees on how to treat and use products containing air contaminants. Sometimes these contaminants can seep into adjacent buildings.

The presence of this harmful indoor air in the workplace can have an adverse effect on the health and productivity of workers. This is why every business owner should handle the indoor air quality in their workplace as a potentially serious issue. Here are some signs to look out for in your building.

Symptoms of poor indoor air quality:

* Constant Headaches
* Sinus congestion
* Shortness of breath
* Nausea
* Dizziness
* Coughing and sneezing
* Irritation and dryness in the eyes, throat, skin and nose
* Central nervous system damage
* Hypersensitivity and allergies
* Fatigue
* In extreme cases, exposure can lead to cancer.

These symptoms depend on the duration and severity of the exposure to poor indoor air quality. Clearly the effect on the health of an individual that has been exposed for a long time would differ from another person who just entered the building.

This may well lead to Sick Building syndrome, which describes a situation where symptoms of ongoing chronic health challenges can be associated with occupants staying in any given building.

Conducting indoor air quality testing for your building is essential because many people can overlook these symptoms. Getting professional testing done in your commercial buildings or domestic building is how you can be sure you have correctly measured the quality of the air. Exposure to bad indoor air quality can also worsen the symptoms of people who have existing health problems.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Los Angeles

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Things to note when dealing with indoor air quality:

* Watch out for volcanic organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted through office contents and building materials
* A poorly managed humidity level
* Insufficient airflow in the workplace due to a wrongly balanced HVAC system
* Water damage problems that cause odor and mold
* Carbon dioxide problems
* Odor complaints caused by sewer gas problems
* Poor ventilation for areas with high occupancy
* Airborne dust caused by poor ventilation in the building.

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Suffering from poor indoor air quality in your commercial properties is not safe for you or your employees. The harm it poses to the occupants and the productivity of a business is serious reason you shouldn't delay having your indoor air quality testing done in a proactive manner. Contact us today!