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Most business owners tend to fixate on the interior décor or the aesthetics of their workspace than they care about the potential impact of the indoor environment. For instance, just a few commercial property owners show concern about indoor air quality, which is an important aspect of health and well-being.

Riverside, in general, has no record of severe air quality problems, however, the kind of business you run might determine the quality of your indoor air. Areas that are congested and where excessive chemicals are utilized are more likely to have degraded air quality.

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In addition to the Riverside area, we also offer commercial indoor air testing services in Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Corona, Fontana, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Victorville, Chino and Temecula.

We also offer several other air quality testing services like mold testing, VOC testing and formaldehyde testing.

Commercial places like laundromats, nail salons, and dry cleaners need frequent indoor air quality testing as will many public buildings like schools, hospitals and churches.

As a business owner, the quality of your space's environment should be among your top concerns. The quality of the indoor air impacts your comfort, performance, and well-being. Therefore, some measures must be implemented to ensure that your customers are not affected by poor air quality. Many of these measures will be discussed further in this article.

Indoor air quality testing helps to identify existing and potential threats to the indoor environment. This comes in handy in preventing air pollution and health hazards. Here are the extra benefits that come with consistent indoor air quality monitoring.

Improved Health

If pollutants accumulate in the atmosphere and are left untreated, they could cause health hazards to the occupants. A few of these contaminants may be somewhat harmless, but others are more severe.

After air quality testing, you will know how to treat your own particular indoor air quality issues, allowing you to take proactive measures to improve the air quality. Many of the toxins in the air can be detected through their smell. However, others are completely odorless, yet they are capable of chronic damage to one's respiratory system. Indoor air quality testing helps to identify the dominant cause of pollution within your space so that you know specifically what kind of particles you are dealing with. This in turn will show the exact kind of remediation that is required and will allow you to prevent future occurrences.

Indoor Environment

Indoor air quality testing is the first step to preventing and eliminating strong odors caused by air pollution and making your commercial space a pleasant experience for all occupants.

Good air quality vastly reduces the risk of respiratory problems and prevents skin complications such as dehydrated skin. Also, your employees are more likely to efficiently deliver their best to customers when the indoor environment is favorable to health and well-being.

On the other hand, poor air quality, may eventually lead to chronic health issues with your employees. If the poor air quality also has a strong odor this may have a negative impact on your customers which could in turn reduce your yearly revenue.

Lowered Utility Bills

Having poor indoor air quality can have a negative impact your ventilation system and cause it to run less efficiently. When this happens, your utility bill may go up by a significant amount. This will of course, add to your business running costs which will have an adverse effect on your business.

By undertaking an indoor air quality test, you can identify issues with the HVAC system and so reduce the needless additional stress on your heating and cooling. Over an extended period of time, you’ll save substantially on your utility bills.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Rancho Cucamonga

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Victorville

Common Indoor Air Pollutants for Commercial Spaces

If you own a laundromat, a nail salon, or a dry-cleaning enterprise, your space is highly susceptible to bad air quality. There are three primary air pollutants in commercial spaces.

1 - VOCS

The term VOC is an acronym for Volatile Organic Compounds. These compounds are emitted from chemical substances found in printers, cleaning solutions, sprays, paints, and office electronics.

VOCs indoors can cause more health issues if there is poor ventilation in the building. Although some VOCs are harmful by themselves, the less harmful ones can combine with the other toxins to create a higher amount of pollution released into the indoor environment.

2 - Viruses and Pathogens

It is almost impossible to have a space free of airborne viruses. These viruses vary and are caused by several factors. If your workspace has a higher percentage of these particles, the harmful effects are intensified. Airborne viruses will remain in the atmosphere for a long time which is another reason to perform air quality monitoring on a regular basis.

3 - Mold / Fungi

Mold occurs rapidly in almost every indoor space. If your building has a leaking roof or any other areas of moisture, mold is more likely to appear. Once again, the effects of mold in an indoor space are worse when there is inadequate ventilation.

Although mold can grow and flourish on any surface, carpets and surfaces with soft fabrics are more susceptible to mold as combined with a humid air, they can give the organisms enough space to breed.

Fall and winter are prime seasons for mold organisms to flourish. If you live in a particularly humid region, you are at a higher risk of mold contamination.

Other indoor air quality pollutants include:

· Pesticides
· Biological Pollutants
· Cookstoves and Heaters
· Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
· Formaldehyde

Indoor Air Quality Problems:

Here are a few effects that you are likely to suffer from when you do not conduct air quality testing and identify air pollutants that may flourish within your workspace:

Minor effects
* Cold and sore throat
* Headaches
* Skin rashes
* Memory lapses
* Eye irritation
* Lethargy
* Chronic cough

Potentially Lethal effects
* Asthma
* Lung cancer

Types of Building Susceptible to Poor Indoor Air Quality

Commercial Office buildings

Office buildings are not free from air pollution whether they are new or old. Offices can be polluted by emissions from office products such as photocopiers, carbonless copy paper, paints, glues and other solvents. Also, other common consumer products like new furnishings, carpets, synthetic flooring or ceiling tiles.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing San Bernardino

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Riverside

Public buildings

Public buildings are often polluted by cleaning agents that are made up from alcohol, vinegar, or acetone. Also, by gas stoves, candles, burning organic materials such as trees and grasses. Spray paint and adhesive removers that contain methyl chloride and a host of other common products used in remodeling also have the potential to reduce air quality.

Business Places

Business places like nail salons, laundromats, dry laundry, hair salons, etc., that make use of so many chemicals are prone to poor indoor air quality. For instance, emissions from nail polish and chemicals, detergents, hair creams, etc., These chemicals can remain in the air because of daily use.

Realtors and Commercial Property Owners

Owners and managers of any commercial apartment should always carry out indoor air quality testing in those properties. If the apartment has been unoccupied for a long period of time, the first thing to do after it is opened back up should be to test the air quality.

Improving Commercial Indoor Air Quality

You should always employ the services of professionals to conduct these air quality monitoring tests. You don't need to go the extra mile to get a professional because our team of experts are always available at your convenience.

With our expert and certified professionals, you will be getting expert advice, no matter your needs. If you need air scrubber systems after having had some remedial work done, we are well equipped to provide you with air filtration systems.

If you are unsure of the exact problem with your commercial space, our experts are trained to undertake all kinds of indoor air tests. Contact us today and we will be able to recommend the tests which will give you the exact results you need to identify the issues in your building. We can recommend the required adjustments to improve the indoor air quality in your home or place of work.