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Do you often stay in commercial buildings like offices, schools, churches, etc.? And do you feel any irritation in your eyes or nose as well? It could be a sign of poor indoor air quality.

Specialized products used in some businesses, for example, nail salons, laundromats, dry cleaners, etc. make use of different chemical compounds are the reasons for the poor air quality in these places.

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The only method to know if the indoor air quality of your commercial property has reached a harmful level is to get your building tested, ideally by a reputable indoor air quality testing agency.

In addition to Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing in the Long Beach Region we also cover the surrounding cities of Thousand Oak, Simi Valley, El Monte, Downey, West Covina, Norwalk, South Gate, Torrance, Whittier and Carlson. We also perform Residential Indoor Air Quality Testing, as well as Mold Testing and VOC Testing. 

This article will explain why the quality of indoor air in commercial buildings matters, what affects indoor air quality in commercial properties, and how to find the best commercial indoor air quality testing in Long Beach.

What is Commercial Indoor Air Quality?

Commercial indoor air quality is simply the condition of air in any commercial building like a business office, church, bank, school, office or any other workplace.

Importance of Commercial Indoor Air Quality

The air we breathe when we are at work, in school, in the church, or in the office has a direct impact on our health, comfort, and work output. The quality of air in commercial places needs to be free from air contaminants to avoid the spread of diseases.

What Affects Commercial Indoor Air Quality?

The indoor air quality in commercial spaces depends on the lifestyle of the people using these spaces, and how they handle any work-related substances or chemicals within the building.

Here are the things that can affect the indoor air quality in commercial buildings:


Mold can spread with speed and has a significant impact on indoor air quality. Mold thrives in humid and warm environments. It has the potential to grow quickly, spread, and disseminate by releasing spores into the environment under the right conditions.

Mold exposure in public spaces can result in bacterial infections, which can affect the viability of the immune system or cause respiratory issues.

Antiseptics and Cleaners

To clean the various surfaces in our workplace, we use disinfectants and antiseptics. However, most of these cleaners contain chemical components that have a noticeable odor when in use. These cleaners introduce various volatile organic chemicals into the indoor air where they become suspended in the air reducing the quality of the environment.

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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Long Beach

Office Equipment

Inks and toners used in most office printers also emit volatile organic substances that harm the office's indoor air quality. The smell from the correction pen used in most offices can also cause poor air quality.


You use paint when renovating offices, schools, churches, etc., and these paints introduce volatile compounds into the indoor atmosphere, thereby reducing air quality.

How To Check Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Some people base the assessment of the indoor air quality in public spaces on perceiving the air they breathe. Unfortunately, you cannot accurately identify the level of mold and VOCs in the environment just by inhaling the air and trying to detect an odor.

Using the services of a competent indoor air quality testing company is a reliable approach to assessing the quality of indoor air in a public space. We use specialist commercial indoor air testing techniques to evaluate the degree of indoor air pollution in any commercial property.

When You Should Perform a Commercial Mold and Air Quality Test

* When a colleague at work that is allergic to mold is experiencing symptoms.
* If there is a visible spread of mold in the office, salon, church, school, etc.
* When the air within the building is humid.
* If the entire building has a musty scent.
* When there is a rising case of mold allergies among the people who use the building consistently.

How We Do Commercial Mold and Air Quality Testing?

Indoor Air Quality Testing for Schools

Schools constantly use water, which can easily breed mold as mold thrives in a moist environment. When you contact us for mold testing in a school, we will use scientific tests to determine the type of mold present in the classrooms or other public spaces and any potential risks. We will also investigate the affected area and the surrounding areas to determine the reason why the mold is spreading.

Indoor Air Quality Testing for Dry Cleaners and Laundromats

Since Dry Cleaners and Laundromats are open to the public, it's not unusual for the air quality within this environment to be of poor quality due to the use of washing detergents as well as many other chemicals used in the cleaning process. Molds can also grow and thrive in this kind of environment.

To test for mold in a laundromat, we will check all work surfaces to see if we can visually detect any mold. We will collect air samples for analysis to check the quality of air within the premises.

Indoor Air Quality Testing for Offices

To test for mold and poor air quality in a business environment like offices, we look at the surfaces within the building to see if we can find any mold. We also examine walls and office furniture to visually check for mold.

IAQ Testing for Churches

Churches are often filled with people, which is why it's important to test the air quality within the church environment. When you contact us to test the air quality in a church, we will collect air samples for testing by certified labs and give you feedback.

We also examine the surfaces within the church building (including pews and chairs) to see if we can find any mold. If there's any, we will carry out a thorough investigation to see why the mold occurred.

Afterwards, we will send a detailed report that includes an overview of the methods we used and our discoveries. We will also recommend the steps you will follow to get rid of the mold.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Long Beach

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing Thousand Oak

IAQ Testing for Nail Salons

Since nail salon owners constantly use nail polish and nail cleaners that use acetone which can cause poor air quality in their salon, we take air samples from the salon and send them to certified biotechnological companies for proper analysis. The result we get will determine the type of solution we will suggest if there are any issues that need remediation.

Why You Should Contact Us for Your Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing?

Because there are several agencies performing indoor air quality testing in commercial properties, you might be confused about which firm to hire for your commercial indoor air quality test.

Listed below are some reasons why you should hire us:

We Have Extensive Expertise in the Field

We are knowledgeable because we've been providing these services for more than 20 years. We are an authority when it comes to commercial mold and indoor air quality testing.

Daily Services

We are constantly available from 7.30 am until 8.00 pm every day including week-ends. You are welcome to reach out to us to set up an appointment at a time that will be convenient to your busy schedule.

We Are a Trustworthy and Reliable Service

We operate a professional business and do independent mold and indoor air quality inspections on any residential or commercial property. We provide you with impartial commercial indoor air quality and mold test results. Since we do not undertake any remediation services our results will be 100% accurate and un-biased. Our many previous customers 5-star reviews add confidence that you are in safe hands

When evaluating the condition of the air you breathe, don't rely on assumptions. We are the go-to firm for mold and commercial indoor air quality testing in Long Beach region.

Call us now to perform the tests and provide you with the results, so you can make any recommended modifications to improve the indoor air quality in your commercial business properties.